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Distracted Driving among Newly Licensed Teen Drivers [Released March 26, 2012] | AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Mar 29, 2012

Although distracted driving among teenagers is of great concern to traffic safety professionals and has received considerable media attention in recent years, rigorous research on this issue has been limited. Most of the research to date has concentrated on the risks associated with teen passengers and driver cell phone use. Almost no research has examined the many other potential driving distractions often believed to be common and problematic among teenage drivers.

In an ongoing study with the AAA Foundation, a sizeable dataset of video data on teen drivers during the provisional licensing stage of GDL was collected. This in-vehicle data provided a unique opportunity to study distracted driver behaviors and potentially distracting conditions among young, beginning drivers. For the analysis, video data was coded and sampled with the specific purpose of studying the nature and prevalence of distracted driving among teenagers.

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