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CSN Newsletter


CSN Newsletter consists of updates on resources and research related to child and adolescent injury prevention. The findings and conclusions in these newsletter materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the Children's Safety Network.

Oct 29, 2014
Bullying Prevention Bullying Prevention in 2014: HRSA’s Perspective | StopBullying.Gov Blog
Child Maltreatment For Kids, Psychological Abuse May Leave the Deepest Scars | Reuters
Child Passenger Safety Characteristics and Complications of Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries Among Children Treated at General Versus Pediatric Trauma Centers | AAP Conference
General/Multiple Causes Healthy People 2020 Public Comment is Now Open!
Off Road Vehicles All-Terrain Vehicles Dangerous on Both Paved and Unpaved Roads: Restricting Public Roadway Use | AAP Conference
Pedestrian Safety Health Tip: Watch the Road on Halloween |
Prescription Drug Misuse & Abuse Driving Under the Influence, Public Policy, and Pharmacy Practice | Journal of Pharmacy Practice
Substance Abuse Link Between Underage Substance Use and Problems in Adulthood | SAMHSA News
Substance Abuse More Kids Harmed by Drinking in Pregnancy Than Expected, Study Reports | HealthDay
Substance Abuse National Survey Shows Decline in Youth Substance Use | SAMHSA News
Suicide Prevention Parent and Peer Disapproval Can Lead to Teen Suicide | Reuters
Suicide Prevention Exposure to Websites That Encourage Self-Harm and Suicide: Prevalence Rates and Association with Actual Thoughts of Self-Harm and Thoughts of Suicide in the United States | Journal of Adolescence
Teen Dating Violence New Survey Details Vast Scope of Teen Dating Abuse | AP
Teen Driving Safety Road Warrior: Little Red Stickers a Matter of Life or Death for Teen Drivers |
Traffic Injuries Driving Under the Influence, Public Policy, and Pharmacy Practice | Journal of Pharmacy Practice
Traumatic Brain Injuries Recognition and Evaluation of Pediatric Concussions | AAP Conference