Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Children's Safety Network (CSN)

Jennifer Leonardo

Jennifer Leonardo, Ph.D.

(617) 543-9473

Jennifer Leonardo is the director of the Children's Safety Network. She brings over a decade of experience in public health and social work program...

Maria Katradis, Ph.D.

Training and Technical Assistance Associate II

Maria Katradis is a Training and Technical Assistance Associate II of CSN. She brings experience in interdisciplinary research, program development...

Mel Miller,

Research Associate

Mel Miller has experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection, records management, and data analysis. As a research assistant at EDC, she...

Cindy Rodgers, M.S.P.H.

Project Specialist

Cindy is currently working on CSN’s initiative to prevent prescription drug abuse among youth and young adults. Through CDC funding, she also...

Image of Ksolis

Karen Solis,

Technology Associate I

Karen manages the design and development of CSN's website in Drupal.

Stern-Carusone photo

Jenny Stern-Carusone, M.S.W.

Child Safety CoIIN Manager
(541) 414-4240

Jenny Stern-Carusone is a Training and Technical Assistant Associate for the CSN’s child safety Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (...

photo of Jim Vetter

Jim Vetter, Ed.M.

Child Safety CoIIN Manager
(617) 618-2306

Jim Vetter, Ed.M. serves as a co-manager of the Child Safety CoIIN. He has led development and provision of training and technical assistance for...

Becki Willmer,

Project Coordinator II

Becki Willmer provides technical support for webinars and manages social media accounts. She also develops infographics and resource guides, curates...

CSN Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center

Bina Ali, Ph.D.

Bina Ali, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Bina supports the CSN Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center. She has experience in prevention and intervention research aimed at improving...

Ted Miller, Ph.D.

Ted Miller, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Ted founded the CSN Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center (now CSN-EDARC) and is a leading expert on the incidence, costs, and consequences of...

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