Safe Kids Worldwide 2016 Annual Heatstroke Town Hall Meeting

Safe Kids Worldwide 2016 Annual Heatstroke Town Hall Meeting

This is not a CSN event. Please contact the organization in charge of the event if you have any questions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

The webinar is open to everyone who would like to attend, so please share this invitation with your stakeholders, day cares, healthcare workers, teachers, friends and family. 

Please register for Safe Kids Worldwide 2016 Annual Heatstroke Town Hall Meeting at:

After the United States had the highest number of deaths in 2010 since tracking began in 1998, coalitions, organizations, government agencies, retail, advocates, parents grandparents and citizens have rallied together to raise awareness through the media, social media, press conferences, outreach to individual stakeholders, advocacy and by word of mouth. Empowering bystanders to taking action and call 911 when they see a child unattended in a car has saved thousands of lives.   Individuals who would have walked by a car five years ago are taking action today.  There is no way of measuring the impact; however, in 2015, the combined effort of many stakeholders led to the lowest total of heatstroke deaths since 1998.

This campaign isn’t about any one organization or individual, but the power of teamwork and reaching many with minimal resources and time.  We hope you join the webinar, learn about the customizable resources available and preparing for the months ahead.

The webinar will be taped and posted on the Online Speakers Bureau. If you would like to join the a the Online Speaker Bureau, attached is the welcome letter and directions on how to join. You do not have to be a member to access the free resources.

Webinar (Non CSN)
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