Child Maltreatment Prevention 2014 Resource Guide

Child Maltreatment Prevention 2014 Resource Guide

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CSN has produced this resource guide to provide a comprehensive, annotated list of resources for child maltreatment prevention with particular emphasis on data, reports, toolkits, and programs to help state health departments expand and enhance their own child maltreatment prevention efforts.

The resource guide is divided into an introduction and seven sections: Data and Definitions; Policies, Laws and Legislation; Prevention and Healthy Childhood; Outcomes and Types of Maltreatment; Campaigns, Programs, and Toolkits; Organizations; and Additional Resources. Each item in this resource guide includes a short description and a link to the resource itself. Desriptions of research articles are excerpted from the article abstracts.

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Data and Definitions

Policies, Laws, and Legislation

Prevention and Healthy Childhood

Outcomes and Types of Maltreatment

Campaigns, Programs, and Toolkits


Additional Resources

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