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New CSN Resources on the Costs of Childhood Injuries

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2017-11-28 00:00:00

In 2015, injuries caused 13,363 deaths in U.S. children and adolescents aged 0-19. In addition, injuries were responsible for 200,225 hospitalizations and almost 7.7 million emergency department (ED) visits in this population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], WISQARS, 2017). One important way to understand the burden of childhood injuries is by looking at the costs of those injuries.

The Medical Costs of Childhood Injuries: Hospitalizations

In 2015, the total medical costs of injury-related hospitalizations of children age 19 and younger was $6.6 billion. This infographic breaks out the medical cost of hospitalizations of children by injury topic.

Download a PDF of the infographic for printing

This is part of a series on the costs of childhood injuries.

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CSN Infographic

South to Southwest S2SW Webinar Innovations in Policy and Practice for Injury and Violence Prevention: Ignition Interlock Policy

Join the South to Southwest Network for the next webinar in their series on Innovations in Policy and Practice for Injury and Violence Prevention. Ignition interlock policies as a deterrent to DWI are a popular policy option in many states. However, the various aspects of these policies can make a difference in how effective they will be. This webinar, hosted on June 26th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, featured Dr. Richard Roth, an international expert on ignition interlocks, explained what makes these policies effective and discuss his experience with the policy process.

CSN Webinar
Mar 23 2013

Injury Prevention: What Works? A Summary of Cost-outcome Analysis for Injury Prevention Programs (2014)

Summarizes the incidence and cost savings of interventions to prevent injuries due to motor vehicles, impaired driving, open-flame/burns, and violence. Also includes cost savings realized by health/miscellaneous services and substance abuse prevention.

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CSN Publications

National Performance Measure Maps: Motor Vehicle and Suicide

Contains the following maps:

  • State Rate Comparison to National Rate of Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic Deaths Among Children Ages 0-14 Years per 100,000 Population, 2008
  • State Rate Comparison to National Rate of Suicide Deaths among Youth Ages 15-19 Years per 100,000 Population, 2008
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CSN Publications

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