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Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide

Traumatic brain injury (TBI), a condition caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head which disrupts normal brain function, is a major cause of death and disability in the United States. Nearly 700,000 TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths occur annually in US children and adolescents ages 0-19 years. From 2006 to 2014, the number of TBI-related emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths increased by 53%.

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CSN Resource Guide

Preventing Injuries, Saving Lives: Video about CSN

In the United States, 14,000 children and adolescents ages 0–19 die of injuries, 227,000 are hospitalized, and 8.7 million visit the emergency department. EDC’s Children’s Safety Network (CSN) is a national resource center for state and jurisdiction health departments working to promote child and adolescent safety through injury and violence prevention.

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CSN Publications

Improving Injury Outcomes: Understanding Health Equity from a Systems Perspective

In efforts to prevent child and adolescent injuries and deaths, there is increased focus on environmental and social factors that influence injuries and health outcomes. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Office of Minority Health, 2018) defines health equity as the attainment of the highest level of health for all people. To promote health equity, it is important to understand historical context, institutional practices, social norms, and implicit biases related to health inequity experienced by disadvantaged populations.

CSN Webinar
Nov 12 2019

Toy Injuries in U.S. Children: Know the Facts

Between 2015 and 2018, U.S. children and adolescents ages 0-19 sustained over 1 million toy-related injuries that were treated in emergency departments. This infographic provides data on categories of toys involved in injuries and differences in toy-related injures for males and females.

Download a PDF of the infographic for printing

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CSN Infographic

Understanding and Preventing Electronic Cigarette Use Among Youth

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes,” “e-cigs,” “vapes,” “e-hookahs,” “vape pens,” and “electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS),” are experiencing widespread use among American youth. E-cigarette poisonings among children and youth are a concern for health care providers, parents, poison specialists, tobacco control practitioners, educators and others. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2018, more than 3.6 million U.S. middle and high school students used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days, including 20.8% of high school students and 4.9 % of middle school students. (1)

CSN Webinar
Dec 12 2019

Keeping Kids and Families Safe Throughout the Holidays

Toy safety is a year round concern, but is heightened during the holidays. While the holidays are a time of joy and celebration for many, unfortunately, toy and holiday decorating injuries and deaths are all too frequent. In 2017, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were 13 toy-related deaths and 251,700 hospital emergency visits. In addition, there were 3 deaths and 14,700 emergency department visits associated with holiday decorating.

CSN Webinar
Dec 04 2019


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