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Preventing Suicide and Self-Harm Among Black Youth

Although Black youth have historically not been considered at high risk for suicide and self-harm, current trends now challenge that.  In 2019, The Congressional Black Caucus reported that “the suicide death rate among Black youth has been found to be increasing faster than any other racial/ethnic group. In youth ages 10 to 19 years, suicide is the second leading cause of death, and in 2017, over 3,000 youth died by suicide in this age group.

CSN Webinar
Sep 10 2020

State Technical Assistance Webinar 9 - September 2020

On our September State Technical Assistance Webinar, we learned about how technology can help improve our work in child and adolescent injury and violence prevention. Our presenters were: 

  • Karen Solis (Technology Associate, Education Development Center), who presented on website analytics to track the uptake of your work as you provide more materials and programmatic offerings online; 

CSN Webinar
CSLC Event
Sep 17 2020


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