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2017-11-28 00:00:00

In 2015, injuries caused 13,363 deaths in U.S. children and adolescents aged 0-19. In addition, injuries were responsible for 200,225 hospitalizations and almost 7.7 million emergency department (ED) visits in this population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], WISQARS, 2017). One important way to understand the burden of childhood injuries is by looking at the costs of those injuries.

The Medical Costs of Childhood Injuries: Deaths

In 2015, the total medical costs of injury-related deaths of children age 19 and younger was $153.2 million. This infographic breaks out the medical cost of child deaths by injury topic.

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This is part of a series on the costs of childhood injuries.

Additional infographics on the medical costs of childhood injuries:

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CSN Infographic

Costs of Leading Childhood Injuries Fact Sheet

This fact sheet covers the costs of childhood injuries, including medical costs, work loss costs, and quality of life loss costs. Work loss costs include lost wages of injured persons and lost household work, or, in the case of fatality, lost earnings and household work over the victim’s expected remaining lifespan in the absence of premature death.

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Partner Highlight: The North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention Branch

Join us for the ongoing series of calls highlighting partners within the South to Southwest (S2SW) Injury Prevention Network, this time featuring the North Carolina Injury and Violence Prevention Branch. This presentation will go over the program's current activities, but also feature the history of injury prevention work in North Carolina, spanning back over 50 years. The developments within North Carolina model what went on across the country, painting a picture of the rich history of injury prevention.

CSN Webinar
Jun 25 2014

The UNITY RoadMap: A Framework for Preventing Youth Violence

Violence is preventable, and more U.S. cities are exploring public health approaches to create safe, thriving communities. Prevention Institute developed the UNITY RoadMap for cities to more effectively and sustainably prevent violence before it occurs. Grounded in partnerships and prevention strategies, the UNITY RoadMap describes the essential elements for implementing a comprehensive strategy. Presenters will introduce the UNITY RoadMap and describe how its elements have been integrated into local efforts, such as the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

CSN Webinar
Sep 16 2013

CDC Webinar: A Public Health Approach to Child Maltreatment Prevention

This webinar, hosted by EDC and sponsored by the Public Health Leadership for Child Maltreatment Prevention Initiative, focused on how North Carolina has utilized a public health approach; established a leadership role for the health department; leveraged resources to increase uptake of evidence-based practice; and developed cross-sector partnerships and collaborations to address child maltreatment.

CSN Webinar
May 10 2012

[South to Southwest (S2SW) Webinar] Communicating about Injury and Violence Prevention Webinar 4: Using Framing to Improve Program Effectiveness in Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Join Lynn Davey (Davey Strategies) and Andrew Leone (Assistant Director of Communication and Outreach for the Children's Services Council of Broward County, Florida) for a discussion about framing principles and their uses in the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The Children’s Services Council’s mission is to provide the leadership, advocacy and resources necessary for children to grow up to being responsible productive adults.  It works on a broad array of issues including child abuse and neglect prevention, safety in and around water and safe sleep environments.

CSN Webinar
Feb 25 2015

Injury Prevention: What Works? A Summary of Cost-outcome Analysis for Injury Prevention Programs (2014)

Summarizes the incidence and cost savings of interventions to prevent injuries due to motor vehicles, impaired driving, open-flame/burns, and violence. Also includes cost savings realized by health/miscellaneous services and substance abuse prevention.

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CSN Publications

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