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The Children's Safety Network (CSN) is a national resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries and violence. We offer expertise on a wide range of injury topics to State and Territorial Maternal and Child Health (MCH) and Injury and Violence Prevention (IVP) programs.

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Pedestrian Safety 2014 Resource Guide
CSN has produced this resource guide to provide a comprehensive, annotated list of resources for pedestrian safety. The resource guide is divided into eight sections: Data; Safe Routes to School; Pedestrian Safety for Preschoolers; Other Programs, Strategies and Campaigns; Program Planning,...
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New Distracted and Impaired Driving Community of Practice
The Children’s Safety Network is pleased to announce a new Community of Practice (CoP) on the prevention of distracted and impaired driving (DID). Using the principles of Quality Improvement, this CoP aims to improve participants’ knowledge of and ability to implement best practices related to...
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Child Maltreatment Prevention 2014 Resource Guide
CSN has produced this resource guide to provide a comprehensive, annotated list of resources for child maltreatment prevention with particular emphasis on data, reports, toolkits, and programs to help state health departments expand and enhance their own child maltreatment prevention efforts.
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Pool Safely Information and Resources
Ellyn Pollack, public affairs specialist in the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Office of Communications, presented Pool Safely's plans for 2014-2015, discussed the new Pool Safely Pledge, unveiled some of the new Spanish and English PSAs and provided a recap of the materials and...
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Decline in Drug Overdose Deaths After State Policy Changes — Florida, 2010–2012 | CDC MMWR
After an increase in drug overdose deaths, Florida implements various laws and enforcement actions – with success.
Pedestrian Safety Resource Guide
New Community of Practice
Child Maltreatment Resource Guide
Pool Safely: Archived Webinar
State News from Florida

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Objective: To evaluate the effect of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Heads-Up concussion campaign on appropriateness of discharge instructions for youth sports-related concussion...
Importance:  Many studies have failed to show an effect of parent-supervised practice driving on the driving performance of teenagers; nevertheless, most Graduated Driver Licensing programs...
Risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) appear to change with the age of the infant, researchers say. They found that younger babies are more likely to die when they're sharing beds...
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