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About CSN


CSN Mission

Children’s Safety Network National Resource Center for Injury and Violence Prevention is dedicated to working with state, territorial and community Maternal & Child Health and Injury & Violence prevention programs to create an environment where all children and youth are safe and healthy. We work with states and territories to infuse knowledge, expertise, and leadership to reduce injury, hospitalization, disability and death for all children and youth. Our goal is to equip states to strengthen their capacity, utilize data and implement effective strategies to create injury and violence free environments.

What we do

We provide technical assistance on injury prevention planning, programs, and best practices; analyze and interpret injury data; partner with national organizations and Federal agencies to promote child and adolescent health and safety; disseminate the latest injury prevention research; conduct trainings and presentations; and produce publications.

CSN strengthens State health department infrastructure for childhood injury prevention by:

  • Helping States to address their injury-related MCH Performance Measures
  • Integrating injury prevention activities into MCH services
  • Building partnerships among MCH, IVP, and other relevant programs at the national, State, and local levels
  • Implementing proven strategies to prevent a wide variety of injuries affecting children and youth in a broad range of settings, including injuries related to motor vehicles, violence, and recreational activities, and injuries sustained in homes and schools
  • Assisting States in the development of the core components of an effective injury prevention program: data analysis, evidence-based interventions, infrastructure, technical support and training, and public policy. 
  • Training and educating MCH and Injury Prevention professionals
  • Increasing recognition among state and national policymakers of the value of injury prevention, especially in regard to children and adolescents

CSN and EDC, Inc.
The Children’s Safety Network is a project of Education Development Center, Inc (EDC). We are part of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Injury, Violence, and Suicide within EDC’s Health and Human Development division. This center works to understand the causes of intentional and unintentional injuries and to develop prevention strategies.

CSN is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services).