Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Definition: Bike safety requires consistent and correct use of helmets and compliance with legal riding practices to prevent collisions with motor vehicles, pedestrians, and other bicyclists.

Magnitude of the Problem

  • According to Safe Kids, every day almost 630 children are injured due to cycle-related crashes.
  • Approximately 229,811 children went to the ER for bicycle-related injuries in 2009.
  • In 2008, 11% of bicycle-motor vehicle crash fatalities were children ages 0-14. Children accounted for 21% of nonfatal injuries in this category, according to NHTSA.


Strategies to improve bicycle safety include:

  • properly wearing a helmet approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • educating individuals on the correct use of helmets
  • helmet subsidies and give-away programs
  • implementing helmet use legislation