Technical Assistance

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CSN offers technical assistance to state and jurisdiction health departments to increase their capacity to address childhood injuries and violence. We provide technical assistance on a wide range of injury prevention topics and in a variety of capacity building areas. We are available for consultation by telephone and email and, in some situations, are available for presentations at meetings and conferences.

Here are a few ways we can help you.

Data Analysis

CSN can provide:

  • Comparisons of your state’s injury data to national data
  • Advice on what data your state should be collecting
  • Cost data on childhood injuries in your state
  • Cost-savings data on injury prevention programs
  • Strategies for explaining injury data to policy makers and non-public health audiences
  • Information on which populations in your state and nationally are most vulnerable to particular injuries

Capacity Building

CSN can provide:

  • Guidance on the process of strategic planning for your state injury and violence prevention program
  • Ideas for leveraging funding
  • Strategies for building and maintaining partnerships
  • Examples of successful legislation and policies
  • Consultation on the evaluation of your injury prevention programs and partnerships

Best Practices and Research

CSN can provide you with:

  • Examples of best practices and model programs implemented at the state and local level
  • Information on the initiatives of national organizations
  • Literature searches on specific injury prevention topics