Child Safety Learning Collaborative


The Child Safety Learning Collaborative is an unprecedented opportunity for states and jurisdictions to collaborate with the aim to advance evidence-based policies, programs and practices at the state and local levels to reduce fatal and serious injuries among infants, children, and adolescents. The Learning Collaborative focuses on five topic areas: Bullying Prevention, Motor Vehicle Traffic Safety (includes child passenger safety and teen driver/passenger safety), Poisoning Prevention (includes the prevention of prescription medication misuse/abuse), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) Prevention, and Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention. The third cohort begins in November 2021 and continues for 18 months, to April 2023.

Listen to some of our Cohort 2 teams reflect on the benefits of being in the CSLC, especially during times of disruption, like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Download our Informational Overview to share with partners.

For questions about the Child Safety Learning Collaborative, please contact: Jenny Stern-Carusone: