Child Safety Learning Collaborative


The Child Safety Learning Collaborative is an unprecedented opportunity for states and jurisdictions to collaborate with the aim to advance evidence-based policies, programs and practices at the state and local levels to reduce fatal and serious injuries among infants, children, and adolescents. The Learning Collaborative focuses on five topic areas: Bullying Prevention, Motor Vehicle Traffic Safety (includes child passenger safety and teen driver/passenger safety), Poisoning Prevention (includes the prevention of prescription medication misuse/abuse), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) Prevention, and Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention. The third cohort begins in November 2021 and continues for 18 months, to April 2023.

To learn more about the CSLC and how to apply - listen to the recording of our Informational Webinar and access the slides

Listen to some of our Cohort 2 teams reflect on the benefits of being in the CSLC, especially during times of disruption, like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.  Download our Informational Overview to share with partners.

NEW APPLICANTS!  State and jurisdiction health departments are invited to apply for the Child Safety Learning Collaborative using the brief application form and statement of commitment.  Applicants must be representatives of a Title V state/jurisdiction agency.  Applications may be submitted by an agency/organization other than the Title V agency, but Title V approval and support is required in order to be considered for participation.  Participation in prior cohorts is not required to join.  

CONTINUING APPLICANTS! For states and jurisdictions currently enrolled in the CSLC, please complete the ‘continuation application’ to join Cohort 3, maintaining your current strategy teams and/or adding a new topic area.

Important Dates: 

APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED!!!  To be considered for the Child Safety Learning Collaborative, interested states and jurisdictions must submit the completed application form and statement of commitment to  Please contact us with any questions.

For questions about the Child Safety Learning Collaborative, please contact: Jenny Stern-Carusone: