Bullying Prevention Topic Call, Cohort 1, Call #1


Welcome to the CSLC! Thanks to those of you who were able to attend our first topic call on January 11th.  The first call was just an opportunity to learn more about what to expect and to start building some connections. You can access the slides and the recording. And if you have not already, please fill out the call evaluation

After reviewing the confidentiality agreement and the call schedule, teams discussed what they hope to gain through participation in the CSLC. Two of our teams (Georgia and Kentucky) are new to bullying prevention and are eager to get started with this work while learning from others. Jane from Massachusetts shared her state team’s excitement about expanding their capacity to offer evidence-based BP programming with a focus on LGBTQ+ youth, while expanding their current efforts with input from other teams.  

Thanks to all of you for participating in our cross-pollination Jamboard exercise! It was great to see how much experience team members have with schools and community-based organizations; we will certainly tap into this as we move forward as a Topic Team. Feel free to return to the Jamboard at any time to add ideas or review what others have contributed. 

Final preparations for the upcoming Learning Session: 

  • All teams should have reviewed the change package(s) and come ready with selected change ideas and measures to begin operationalizing.  You can expand on the number of change ideas and measures you’ve selected after the Learning Session but please come with at least one selected.  

Beginning in February, the cohort call schedule for both topic calls and State Technical Assistance Webinars (STAWs) will alternate months.  

  • Topic calls are key peer learning opportunities, and it is best if teams always have someone attending who can share out what’s happening - including both the highs and the lows.  Topic calls are limited to enrolled CSLC members.  Our BP call is scheduled for the 2nd Thursday at 1:00p ET, beginning on February 8th. 
  • Conversely, STAWs are not topic focused and not limited to CSLC. We strongly encourage all CSLC members to join as often as possible for the continuous learning opportunity, but no one will be expected to report on work at STAWs.   STAWs are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday at 1:00p ET.  

CSLC Web Portal 

  • This is our primary platform for ongoing interaction throughout the cohort.  Each state has its own State/Jurisdiction page and separate tabs for each of your Strategy Teams.  You can access your Team Enrollment and Operationalizing forms from your State/Jurisdiction pages and will use the web portal to submit your monthly reports and any PDSA’s or other QI activities.    
  • All enrolled team members have had user accounts created.  Usernames are always the email address provided on the Team Enrollment form.  Please go to this link to reset your password. 

Thanks again for your participation in the CSLC. I am looking forward to meeting some of you in person next week, and to working with all of you over the next year and a half!


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