Implementing Bullying Prevention in Schools: Bostons Story


CSN's webinar "Implementing Bullying Prevention in Schools: Boston's Story" features Ed Donnelly, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at Education Development Center, Inc. He is an educator, administrator, and a leader in the field of bullying prevention. He taught special education for students of all ages and academic and social abilities in the Boston Public Schools for 18 years. Subsequently, he held several administrative positions at West Roxbury High School, including assistant headmaster. When the Boston Public Schools initiated their High School Renewal Plan in 2004, Mr. Donnelly designed and led Brook Farm Academy, a small business-themed high school. In 2010, he served as the central figure for the Bully Prevention and Intervention Initiative of the Boston Public Schools. Mr. Donnelly currently consults with Leadership Matters, Inc. Ellen Schmidt, Assistant Director of the Children's Safety Network, will moderate the session.

CSN Webinar