Motor Vehicle Safety during Pregnancy


We discussed the implications of research on this issue, programs and legislation that address the prevention of motor vehicle injuries, and the continuing need for surveillance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the epidemiology of motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy
  • Develop an understanding of key state-level work on motor vehicle crashes and adverse fetal outcomes
  • Become aware of vehicle safety features which may decrease the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes
  • Acquire a working knowledge of interventions that may improve motor vehicle safety during pregnancy

About the Speaker:

Catherine J. Vladutiu, PhD, MPH

Vladutiu received a doctoral degree in epidemiology from UNC Chapel Hill in 2012 and was also a research assistant at the UNC Injury Prevention Research Center. Prior to graduate studies at UNC, Dr. Vladutiu received a Master of Public Health degree in maternal and child health epidemiology from the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry and worked as a public health analyst at the Maternal and Child Health Bureau in Rockville, Maryland. Much of her prior research focused on the intersection between perinatal health and injury epidemiology. Her dissertation research examined adverse maternal and fetal outcomes following motor vehicle crashes during pregnancy and was recently published in two peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Vladutiu's current research focuses on biological and behavioral risk factors for cardiovascular disease among reproductive-aged women, their impact on infant and child health outcomes, and the effect of pregnancy on future cardiovascular health. 


Press Release

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Following Motor Vehicle Crashes - American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2013

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