Bina Ali

Bina Bali
Research Scientist

Bina Ali is the director of the Children’s Safety Network Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center (CSN EDARC). Her work focuses on injury control, violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention. She has led several research studies to understand the burden of violence and injuries. She also has investigated the psychosocial determinants of risky behaviors and health outcomes in youth and minority populations. She has experience evaluating violence and injury prevention programs using national and local data. For CSN, she regularly analyzes injury incidence and cost data using fatalities, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits, as well as other surveillance data. This work helps CSN determine priority issues and drive action. In addition, she provides technical assistance on understanding, accessing, and utilizing data to facilitate violence and injury prevention efforts.

PIRE / CSN Economics & Data Analysis Resource Center (EDARC)