Maria Katradis

Maria Katradis
Senior Training and Technical Assistance Associate

Maria Katradis, Ph.D., is an education and public health researcher with expertise in youth development, adult learning, international education, and quality improvement. She is interested in improving programming and outcomes for youth from diverse backgrounds.

Maria is a training and technical assistance specialist for Children Safety Network and is a co-manager of the Child Safety Learning Collaborative. She is the content specialist for suicide and self-harm prevention and poisoning prevention. She manages and analyzes data, provides training and technical assistance, and presents on topics such as quality improvement and evidence-based and evidence informed strategies for child and adolescent injury and violence prevention. She utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methods to help states develop a clearer picture of where they are in their quality improvement process.

Maria is fluent in Modern Greek and English, and is proficient in Turkish.

She holds a PhD in education from George Mason University, an MA in international education from New York University, and a BA in Hellenic Studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies from New York University.

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