The Child Safety Learning Collaborative: Using Quality Improvement to Accelerate Your Work

A birds-eye view of six adults gathered around a square table working and discussing. Some are writing on notepads, some are typing on computers.

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The Child Safety Learning Collaborative (CSLC), an initiative of the Children’s Safety Network (CSN) at Education Development Center (EDC), aims to reduce injury and violence among infants, children and adolescents nationwide. The CSLC builds Title V capacity through technical assistance in child safety, systems improvement, and leadership and management. Title V teams use data to inform decision making and apply quality improvement and innovation methods to sustainably implement and spread evidence-based strategies state-wide. Currently, in the first of three cohorts, 19 state teams are actively working on infant safe sleep, bullying prevention, suicide and self-harm prevention, and motor vehicle traffic safety.   

In this webinar, CSLC participating states will share how they have focused on developing partnerships to help them reach their quality improvement goals. The webinar will highlight stories, lessons, tools, and resources used by the CSLC that can be used and adapted by any injury prevention program.     

CSN Webinar