CDC Webinar: A Public Health Approach to Child Maltreatment Prevention


This webinar, hosted by EDC and sponsored by the Public Health Leadership for Child Maltreatment Prevention Initiative, focused on how North Carolina has utilized a public health approach; established a leadership role for the health department; leveraged resources to increase uptake of evidence-based practice; and developed cross-sector partnerships and collaborations to address child maltreatment. Presenters from the state’s health department and partner agencies/organizations highlighted North Carolina’s challenges, successes, and lessons learned. The webinar included concrete examples of how states can enhance their own child maltreatment prevention efforts, with the state health department playing a key role.

Speakers included: Laura Gerald, State Health Director for the North Carolina Division of Public Health; Catherine Joyner, Executive Director of Child Maltreatment Prevention Leadership Team for the North Carolina Division of Public Health; Rhett Mabry, Vice President of the Duke Endowment; and Rosie Allen Ryan, President and CEO of Prevent Child Abuse, North Carolina.

CSN Webinar