CDC Webinar: Tools and Strategies to Support Health Departments in Child Maltreatment Prevention Efforts


This webinar, hosted by EDC and sponsored by the Public Health Leadership for Child Maltreatment Prevention Initiative, is the final webinar in a three part series  highlighting strategies and tools for state public health departments to address child maltreatment prevention. State health departments can be instrumental in addressing child maltreatment through their work in assuring the health and well-being of children and families. With this in mind, the PHL Initiative has developed new web-based resource to help state health departments address child maltreatment prevention in a strategic way and link public health efforts with other state-level child maltreatment prevention initiatives.

This webinar will share:

A framework for state health department child maltreatment prevention efforts organized are around three core areas:

  • Commitment
  • Resources
  • Collaboration

Examples of how states can use information and tools to enhance current or planned for initiatives.

Strategies for states and communities to promote safe, stable, and nurturing relationships and environments for children.

This session features a webtour of a new toolkit for state health departments that you can access from:

CSN Webinar