South to Southwest S2SW Webinar Innovations in Policy and Practice for Injury and Violence Prevention: Ignition Interlock Policy


Join the South to Southwest Network for the next webinar in their series on Innovations in Policy and Practice for Injury and Violence Prevention. Ignition interlock policies as a deterrent to DWI are a popular policy option in many states. However, the various aspects of these policies can make a difference in how effective they will be. This webinar, hosted on June 26th at 2:00 PM Eastern Time, featured Dr. Richard Roth, an international expert on ignition interlocks, explained what makes these policies effective and discuss his experience with the policy process.

Dr. Richard Roth holds a Ph.D. in physics from Princeton University and served as professor of physics at Eastern Michigan University until 1994. He is the Executive Director of Impact DWI, a non-profit organization that conducts monthly DWI Victim Impact Panels and supports many anti-DWI activities. Dr. Roth's organization tracks the number of currently installed interlocks in each state and has done so for the past seven years. He was involved in the development of New Mexico's ignition interlock legislation and serves on the Governor's Ignition Interlock Task Force. He has working relationships with the New Mexico Traffic Safety Bureau, the Motor Vehicle Department, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Department of Finance and Administration, and many judges and legislators.

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