Understanding and Utilizing Fatal and Non-fatal Injury Data for Infants and Children Ages 0-4


The third webinar of the Children’s Safety Network’s Community of Practice on integrating infant and child injury prevention into programs and services for expectant parents takes an in-depth look at both fatal and non-fatal injury data for infants and children ages 0 through 4. George Bahouth, director of CSN’s Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center, explains this data with particular emphasis on injury mechanisms, including consumer product-related incidence and cost data for this age group. This webinar will also provide suggestions for utilizing data for planning, the implementation of effective injury prevention interventions, and policy development.

About the Speaker:

George Bahouth, D.Sc. has worked as a senior research scientist at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) since 2004 and directs the Children’s Safety Network Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center at PIRE.  He is a mechanical engineer by training whose emphasis has been the evaluation of motor vehicle safety using large scale crash, injury, and mortality data.  His research has focused on behavioral safety countermeasures, including safety belt, child restraint, and DUI laws as well as technology countermeasures designed to prevent or reduce the severity of motor vehicle crashes, including enhanced airbag systems, crash avoidance countermeasures, and pedestrian protection systems.  Dr. Bahouth and his team utilize injury data and cost models to evaluate safety technologies and policy interventions.  Dr. Bahouth received his Doctor of Science degree from the George Washington University in 2003.

For the full archived recording of the session, please visit: http://edc.adobeconnect.com/p5nign39wp1/

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