How to Use Cost Data Effectively in Child Injury Prevention


Injuries and violence can be prevented through education, behavior and environmental changes, policy implementation and enforcement, and technology. But how can you tell if a particular prevention program or intervention is right for you, your family, and/or your community? Costs can be used to produce cost-outcome analyses that are useful tools for the evaluation of prevention and intervention programs.  This webinar will help you understand how to use cost data to assist with the development of injury prevention plans, to guide the selection of an intervention, to provide technical assistance, to assist with resource allocation, or to promote a particular intervention in educational materials. In a resource-constrained world, decision makers want to know if a program produces desired results less expensively than alternative approaches.

About the Speaker: 

Dr. Ted Miller is the founder of the CSN Economics and Data Analysis Resource Center and serves as a Senior Advisor to CSN. He is an economist with 25 years of experience in safety economics and epidemiology. Dr. Miller is responsible for developing the CSN document What Works, which provides information on the return on investment in 160 injury and substance abuse prevention programs, plus state fact sheets on the incidence and costs of violence, teen motor vehicle crashes, impaired driving crashes, underage drinking, and the return on investment in nurse-family partnership home visitation and substance abuse prevention programs that reduce youth injury. His cost methods and models are recognized and utilized both nationally and internationally.

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