State Technical Assistance - January 19, 2023: Workforce Development Part 2

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Workforce Development Part 2

Please join us on Thursday, January 19, 2023 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET for our upcoming STAW. As a follow-up to our March 2022 State Technical Assistance Webinar: Workforce Development, EDC’s Erin Ficker will work with Title V Agencies and injury and violence prevention partners to build a deeper understanding and develop skills to:

  1. Assess workforce needs;
  2. Develop a plan for workforce development; and,
  3. Align workforce development goals with strategic goals. 

Please come prepared to actively participate in the discussion and share your workforce development successes and challenges!

Erin Ficker (MPAff) is an expert in substance misuse prevention, an accomplished technical assistance (TA) provider, an experienced project leader, and a certified senior prevention specialist. She brings extensive expertise in supporting continuous quality improvement (CQI), designing and delivering engaging professional learning, and providing comprehensive TA. For over 16 years, she has built the capacity of clients to perform prevention work effectively. Ficker is the prevention co-manager for the Great Lakes Prevention Technology Transfer Center. She provided TA to the Children’s Safety Network in sudden unexpected infant death prevention and infant safe sleep. Previously, as associate regional coordinator for the Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies, she managed TA assessment and delivery for 10 states and five tribes. Ficker frequently speaks at regional and national convenings. In 2022, she presented on using CQI in prevention implementation at the National Prevention Network conference. She holds an MPA in Domestic and Social Policy from the University of Texas-Austin and a BA in Sociology from The Evergreen State College. She received a PMD Pro Certification from APMG International.


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