State Technical Assistance Webinar - July 21, 2022: Promoting Child Safety Programs

People sitting around a table

Promoting Child Safety Programs

Thank you for joining us on July 21, 2022 for our mid-summer discussion on how we can promote child safety programs to our intended audiences, including children and adolescents, parents, healthcare providers, and educators. During this webinar, we heard from two state teams from the Child Safety Learning Collaborative.

  • Judy Wendorf and Clay Anton from Children’s Wisconsin will share how they are designing, developing, and marketing online bullying prevention learning education resources for children and educators across Wisconsin.
  • Terry Miller from Georgia Department of Public Health will share strategies for promoting Safe Sleep to birthing hospitals and home visitors.


Here are some additional notes from Children's Wisconsin on working with educators following our webinar:

  • Learning how your state’s educational system is supported and or organized will be helpful. During our presentation we talked about specific educational groups like Wisconsin School Counselors Association and Wisconsin Health and Physical Education Association. Here in Wisconsin we also have CESA’s that help support educators with resources and content delivery. We have not been able to make a connection in this area yet but if other states have this type of support system that too might be a way to help market their work/partnership. CESA is Cooperative Education Service Association and Wisconsin is divided up into 12 CESAs.

  • There are also smaller principal or administrator groups that meet. Example: There is the Principals’ Center where area principals meet at a conference center several times a year to learn from each other and listen to presentations. Here our Principal’s Center is tied to one of the Universities so that might be another way to connect with schools. Through local and state college and universities that train educators.