Moving Towards Health Equity: Understanding and Addressing Child and Adolescent Injury Disparities


The Children's Safety Now Alliance, representing injury prevention leaders and experts from national organizations, federal agencies, state health departments, hospitals, and universities, has created this fact sheet to assist public health practitioners to (a) use a health equity lens in their future injury and violence prevention practices and programs, and (b) reflect on existing practices and programs to make any necessary improvements. This fact sheet provides:

  • A brief review of child and adolescent injury disparities across several populations (e.g., sex, race/ethnicity, geography, disability, sexual minority, health literacy, and socioeconomic status (SES))
  • Successful examples from the public health field where injury disparities have been addressed
  • Resources to identify inequity, to understand and assess health equity, and to provide select strategies to promote health equity

This fact sheet is not meant to serve as a comprehensive summary of injury disparities. An extensive review of injury disparities is available in the Children’s Safety Network’s white paper, “Understanding Disparities in Child and Adolescent Injury: A Review of the Research” (Education Development Center, 2017).