Stories of Innovation: Collecting Real-Time Outcomes Data for Injury Prevention

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Participants in the Child Safety Collaborative Innovation and Improvement Network (CS CoIIN) are identifying and developing innovative ways to collect real-time outcomes data. Typically, data on injury-related deaths, hospitalizations, and emergency department (ED) visits are centrally collected at the state level. On an annual basis, these data are cleaned by the state, released, and submitted to a national dataset. The cleaning and release process leads to a two-year or more delay in the availability of the data. However, because states centrally collect and house the data, there are opportunities for innovation in using real-time data. Some states in the CS CoIIN are now able to collect and report real-time data on injury-related deaths, hospitalizations, and ED visits, enabling them to incorporate this information into their injury prevention efforts.

This document has descriptions of the approaches that three of these states are taking.

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